In the past pandemics have pushed populations back into towns and cities due to proximity to doctors, healthcare and hospitals. However, today’s technology may accelerate the mass exodus of people leaving the cities for more suburban and rural areas in order to escape the threat of disease and civil unrest. With Companies reorganizing and shifting towards the possibility of employees permanently working from home, there may be no need to live close to a centralized office in the future.

Realworks LLC has seen a surge in interest from people looking to relocate to the country and it’s happening all over the U.S. A recent poll showed 38% of city dwellers are considering leaving the city in coming months. Over half of buyers under 40 are seeking land to garden and raise animals, (instead of a bigger house). Large numbers of potential buyers with school aged children acknowledged a rural location as being more attractive than before the Covid lockdown. A significant number of people have already relocated, thinking it would be temporary but are now debating whether they will move back to the metropolitan / urban areas. There is a feeling that a future pandemic is likely to come again in the future. Added to fears of disease, the recent protests and rioting have caused rural areas to become attractive as a safe haven from civil unrest. In recent years people have increasingly sought land to farm and garden and recent events have only accelerated the process.

If you are seeking the rural lifestyle or perhaps you have a tract of land you would like to sell, we can help you. Reach out and have a conversation about your goals.

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